version 2.0
database manager for genomic sequences


BLAST capabilities

No need to upload your DNA sequences before publishing. You can use the BLAST tool in VoSeq to compare any sequence against all the sequences that you keep in VoSeq.

Create datasets for PHYLIP, MrBayes, RAxML

You can easily create datasets to run in phylogenetic software by selecting the list of specimens, genes and dataset format. VoSeq can also translate DNA into aminoacid sequences, or partition the dataset by codon positions.

Degenerate DNA sequences

As an option, VoSeq can degenerate sequences in cases of genes with high nucleotide compositional heterogeneity between taxa. We have ported Zwick et al. Perl script into VoSeq.

And last but not least

VoSeq is not only for managing your DNA sequences! VoSeq can help you store and organize taxonomic data of your specimens, pictures, collecting data.