Who is using VoSeq?

André V. L. Freitas

Campinas State University, Brazil

Easy generation of datasets

With VoSeq, the task of generating datasets with different partitions for phylogenetic analysis is a very easy task. I recommend VoSeq to all working on this research area
Jadranka Rota

Lund University, Sweden

If only there was VoSeq when I was completing my PhD...

I really like VoSeq because it makes tedious tasks quick and easy. Before I was using VoSeq, I could spend a couple of hours preparing a dataset for analysis, and now it takes me only a few minutes. And then there is GenBank submissions! That used to be beyond painful before VoSeq, and now this, too, can be done in a fraction of time compared to before. If only there was VoSeq when I was completing my PhD...
Marko Mutanen

University of Oulu, Finland

I am happy to warmly recommend VoSeq for everyone working with DNA sequences

I have used VoSeq to archive my data of many markers and have used many of its tools in my studies. I have especially benefited from its practicality in preparing various datasets for phylogenetic analyses, making summary tables, and generating GenBank submission files. Without VoSeq, all these tasks, and many others, would have taken much more of my time. I will continue actively using VoSeq in the future
Niklas Wahlberg

Professor in Biological Systematics and Scientific Director of Biological Museum
Lund University, Sweden

Able to handle large amounts of DNA sequences for molecular sytematics

I have been using VoSeq since its inception and would never have been able to keep all our sequence and voucher information in order without it! It is one of the best tools out there to handle large amounts of data for molecular systematics. Nothing can beat it for making custom-made datasets with chosen vouchers and gene regions!

Google Scholar citations

According to Google Scholar, VoSeq has been cited by 40 scientific papers.

Who made VoSeq?

VoSeq was written by molecular biologist, and nowadays software engineer, Dr. Carlos Peña, and friends. VoSeq has been continuously improved since the first version in 2006.